Prime - Accounting ERP


Prime-Accounting ERP is a web based accounting system for medium and small companies. It is fully integrated business management system covering all functional areas of an enterprise. It organizes and integrates operation process and information flows to make optimum use of resources such as men, products, items, material and money. It is tightly integrated close loop business solution package. The accounting modules of our software manage the recording and processing of accounting transaction within function areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and patty cash. It is a commercial version of FrontAccounting. It is simple and powerful system for the entire ERP chain and covers:

premium technical support

Please don’t hesitate to call; when you succeed, we succeed. Most issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes using remote assistance tools. If we don’t answer the phone immediately, we make every effort to return your call within three business hours. In addition to providing a real phone number for you to call, we also distinguish ourselves in email communications by providing a real name in the signature line; There is no one with the name ‘Support’ in our organization.

Quick setup and configuration

We understand and respect the value of time…yours and ours. That’s why we don’t just turn you loose with a download and ‘hope for the best.’ We employ a structured implementation process that begins with a personal phone call to understand how Techno Bangla fits your business requirements…because nobody likes surprises. After some checklist-guided preparation on your part, we can then get you scheduled for implementation and have you up and running in about 1-2 hours. This process ensures your success and maximizes our use of time.

How We Are Different

  • The absolute best value on the market
  • We’ve built our own Module/ API
  • We hold your hand